Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Break On Its Way

I would like to think we are planning our summer break fun but I think summer activities are planning us instead. I'm looking forward to it and hope we can do some good.

We are planning a reading challenge to keep the kids, well all of us, reading during the summer. Our prize is a family day at Boondock's.  Ron purchased a year pass to Hogle Zoo. Got a sneak peak of the zoo on a 3rd grade fieldtrip recently and I'm excited for the 2012 season already. They are building a polar bear exhibit that will be quite amazing. I will have two kids in the Kaysville 4th of July parade (one in the Davis marching band and one for KJH cheerleaders) pretty excited and 3 family members in the Wizard of Oz annual 4th of July play. My brother lives close to Pineview beach in Huntsville, we will do small hikes, boating, wave runners courtesy of his girlfriend and lots of fun activities on the beach. My mom will be in town during the summer and also my daughter Christina will be around. So happy about that.

I plan on having the girls sew their own aprons, sew pants into shorts and make homemade bread. Cameron has been invited to attend Utah Boys State on a scholarship. Cameron/Brandon/Jonathon and maybe Ron will all get to go river rafting for their Venture Adventure. The girls both have Young Women Camp. Dallon has Cub Day Camp. Dallon and Kaydon get to have swimming lessons, yeah! Swimming every Monday at a neighbor's house. Love her for sharing her pool with us. She is awesome. Ron is planning a Kings Peak adventure with the older boys, party for the rest of us. Ha. We will have family vacation at the Grand Canyon/Zion's National. I'm excited to do some backyard camping with a fire pit.

The best part of summer break is I have the kids cook the meals. Breakfast and dinners will be made by each having a turn. I will continue to make Ron's meals. This gives my kids experience in the kitchen, helps them be independent.

The kids will also update their individual scrapbooks, We have been putting everything in the front pocket of their books, now it's time to everything out of the pocket and scrapbook it in . Some take more time than others, more creative, but they are all helping with this project. I'm having them go through all the pics we have on the computer and choose which ones they want for their own book. I get to scrapbook all the vacation pics.

I'm hoping to do a service project every week, keeping an eye on what we can do to be good citizens in the neighborhood. To make someone happy, to have good feelings in helping where we can.

I'm hoping it will be a fun summer break, one that doesn't go by so fast like last year's. One that will allow us to slow down and enjoy it and hopefully we will have some summer weather to go with it, nothing to hot, workable. So who's ready for summer?

I know I am but before that I still have field day activities to do, 3rd grade water party, 6th grade graduation. My sweetie Samantha is moving on to the big leagues of Junior High next year, the land of Drama queens :) , poor girl, I'm hoping she makes it through without to much damage done. But until then, ready, set, summer break!

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