Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summertime Datenights

So far summer break is going nice and slow, just the way I like it. Ron and I still continue to do our datenights but lately we have done some unusual activities. Some of the things we have done:

Cherry Hill Water Park - after 4:00pm you can get half day splash passes for only $10.00 each. About the price of a movie but this last longer and is much more fun. You can swim, take on the slides or take it easy in the lazy river. A fun way to be interactive with your spouse. We went back the night after for the free Jessie Clark Funk concert that Cherry Hill sponsors every Friday and Saturday at 9:00pm. I can't say enough about Jessie, she is way awesome and very talented. I got to sit in the front row, which was the best except it was a little loud.

Swan Lakes Golf Course - This was lots of fun. We ended up doing the 18 hole championship putters course. No silly toys just putting. It was quiet-beautiful scenery and challenging, not sure I will ever be a champion at this course but maybe with lots of practice anything is possible. Sat for awhile in the great outdoors talking-drinking cold water and then took the batting challenge back at Cherry Hill. I have had the urge to hit a softball for over a year and it felt really good to let it rip. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Ron has been planning a King's Peak hiking/camping/fishing trip with his boys. He bought a new backpacking stove and wanted to test it. So, he put together some freezer dinners and packed other items that would make it possible for us to have a camp-stove dinner for two. We went up to the campground at the castle in Layton where there were picnic tables we could use. It was fun almost like camping. For the most part we were secluded from others and the weather was perfect. The stove worked and it was a much needed dinner for I was starving. We spent time talking about what our next year's summer vacation should be. The last vacation before Cameron leaves for his LDS mission. Because of an approaching evening storm we left but only to snuggle in our room alone watching The Scarlet Pimpernel  mostly falling asleep to the thunderstorm.

Tired of doing the same thing every time you get a chance to get out? Don't get me wrong I love going out to eat, it's my favorite thing to do and I do love movies another favorite thing to do, but sometimes you need something different. Going out on dates with your spouse is extremely important, it's a way to continue to learn about them and spend needed one on one communications, a chance for them to treat you as a princess. Sometimes it's awkward, sometimes you may not know what to talk about or want them to open your door. But, this is important also for your children to see so they will know how they should treat or be treated.

Maybe nights don't work, you could do a lunch date instead. Those with small children should make a priority to get out and away from kids often. Finding a babysitter can be awkward but just remember there are girls everywhere needing to earn a few dollars (some will be glad to do a service) and most will do a good enough job for a few hours of sanity. Can't really afford it, really you can't afford to not do it. Get creative. Pack a dinner and play scrabble at a picnic table in a park, go rollerblading, hiking, swimming, rent a movie, go to dollar movie or watch movie off of internet or using your cool laptop sitting in the back seat of the car (don't forget to bring treats and soft pillows to be comfortable). Go to the temple. Can't find a babysitter? Put the kids to bed early enough so that you have time for each other often. Get in a habit of doing this.

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