Monday, November 11, 2013

Missionary Mom

I'm now in that category of being a "missionary mom", I was able to send off my eldest Cameron to Alabama and my next eldest Brandon to Chile. It's been pretty exciting receiving emails and even letters from them each Monday. Monday has become my favorite day for that reason alone. It's been exciting to see the growth that occurs when one is left to depend on God. The testimonies of these my two young stripling warriors has made me a very happy mom. I couldn't be more proud. But, there are times when it can be crazy worrisome. I sometimes feel helpless, except for the spiritual advice I can give to help. There are times when my boys have had to really look inside themselves and decide if they want to progress or slip back as they call  it. It's hard to listen to them struggle, but at the same time exciting to hear the struggle, which means they are being polished. God is helping them in their schooling of being here on this earth.

We all of course are faced during trials or those hard moments when we need to look inside ourselves and decide if we will be strong and faithful in letting God mold us, to polish us into something more or if we will stubbornly sit still or slip backwards in our progression. Our main purpose of being here, to progress, to prove ourselves faithful unto the end. How can we prove ourselves if we don't have trials or hardships to prove that we will keep the faith even during these moments that make us want to cry and shake with fear, that make us stretch ourselves into something more. It's never easy, but each of us need to remember that we are not here alone. We are never alone. We can stand taller while on our knees. When we have Christ as our Savior and our focus, we can accomplish anything even hard things. We are here to be schooled, taught by the best.  If we ever want to win the prize (eternal life with Heavenly Father and Christ) we need to go through hard things. Just as I need to allow my boys to be tested and to grow, Heavenly Father watches us. Will we keep the faith? Will we endure to the end? Yes, we will!!!

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