Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have been excited about summer coming up, however, I also have been dreading it. I was sitting, listening to my young son's "Spring Sing" put on by the first graders. They were going month to month and singing the things they had learned. They had made it to July which celebrates my favorite holiday. As they were singing those patriotic songs I couldn't help but feel teary-eyed and pride, I love those songs. I know first hand that Kaydon's teacher had put the majority of it together. I volunteer on Fridays in her class and see how wonderful she is, teaching through song. They would sing those patriotic songs while I was there and I always feel the same way. So grateful to have a teacher who feels these songs are important . While sitting there listening I had sad feelings of missing this awesome teacher and for the first time ever in all my volunteering wasn't looking forward to the end of it. I love the teachers I work with right now, I love the things I get to do, how I feel when I'm done. 

Even as an adult teachers are still teaching me, just by watching them teach and they truly do mother the kids they teach. I felt like Mrs. Robinson (Kaydon's teacher) really loved each of her students. Later on in the year she found out I had eight children through a show n' tell, she kept thinking of me as a Saint because there wasn't a week I missed, seriously I had the exact thoughts of her.  Mrs. Furse was so friendly and would talk to me forever if we could and just loved Dallon, she was always praising Dallon about something to me and of course who doesn't want to hear good things about their child. Just keep feeding my ego. She used him for everything as an example for the rest of the kids. The kids really looked up to him too, not to mention Dallon loved the attention. She has helped him be the leader he was meant to be and I think that will carry through. I was glad I got to work with her, she is way awesome. But it will be sad when it ends. We build these friendships and then they seem to end when school ends. No more close associations with them.

I think school teachers are still to this day an inspiration to me and are still affecting me with their wisdom and kindness. Teachers are like mothers, they reach us, and teach us like no one can, without really expecting anything in return. Teachers are to be cherished and deserve our gratitude. Granted their are some teachers not worth mentioning and we are glad they are gone from our lives forever. But, there those few teachers that touch our lives for good and we never forget them.

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