Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

Ron took me to J & J's to buy my garden and some tools for Mother's Day. I've been itching to get my garden planted, Ron thought it was the right time to do it, so, I was busy digging about and getting it planned after getting the plants. I'm excited for this year, I'm trying some new things.

This year I've planted:
bell peppers (red, green and yellow)
pumpkin (our ward is having a pumpkin growing contest and they gave us seeds
cabbage (the state is having a contest for each child to grow one, lucky for me)
yellow squash
eggplant (not about to pay $3.99 each when I can grow them, I hope)
lettuce (ice-berg)
and peas

Wow! You type it out and it sounds like a lot and  I guess that it is. Grateful to have an area to have a garden.
I'm also starting an herb garden in pots, so far I have cilantro. With the $20 Mother's Day gift from Brandon I plan on getting basil and oregano and some other herbs once I find out what they have. It's going to be great unless some natural disaster comes and destroys it, too much rain, sudden snow, etc.

My daughters also surprised me with little boxes of homemade chocolate turtles and a sewn rice bag that you can use as a heating pad. It works pretty good. They made those in Mutual. Danielle came home early from church to decorate the inside of the house and make no bake cookies. She is sweet.

Ron did the dishes all that day and even made the Family Home Evening treat-Congo Bars. So, I did minimum in the kitchen yesterday, always a bonus.

My Dallon had made at school, a hand soap that had a cute saying inside the bottle:

I love my mom! grateful hands, clean hands, kind  hands, loving hands, strong  hands, teaching hands, giving hands, willing hands, gentle hands, caring hands, happy hands, working hands, helping hands.

He says they actually did  put the saying in there themselves and filled it up with hand soap.

Kaydon made a picture frame with his smiling face as a picture, that came with a cute picture of me and a sweet note.  My pride and joys. My kids are the greatest!

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