Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Rock

I'm so grateful for prayer. I find when no one else cares or is listening, I know He is. He is the one I can turn to when it seems everyone else has turned away. It's during these times, He brings me hope and comfort, that tomorrow is a better day. He is my one sure foundation, my rock, my salvation. Without Him, I would be lost.

It's my job to be there for everyone, to make sure everyone is taking care of. It's my duty to cook, plan, clean, do laundry, take kids around to varies activities, listen, care, teach, love, discipline, etc. Sometimes moms/wives need to be taken care of too, sometimes we can get a little burned out and we need a short break and for me it doesn't take much to put me back in place, it's nice when others don't make me feel guilty for taking breaks.  But, I need to keep my first knowledge of knowing that I am cared for, that someone will spend time with me and listen to me. I've had it all along. I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who understands his daughter and when thoughts of Him come to my mind, when I'm calling for Him, I can feel Him and He is there.

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