Monday, April 28, 2014

Organized and Themed Family Home Evenings

Family Home Evenings

Week 1- “Missionary Night”
Lesson: Preach My Gospel-everyone brings their own book, choose a section and look up scriptures, etc.
Activity: you are in charge of calling and setting up visitors to come or service to be done. (part of being a missionary- phone skills, organizing)
1.     Life Skills- (sewing, ironing, clothes 101, cooking, budgeting, cleaning 101)
2.    Emergency Preparedness- (fire drills, change tires, cars 101, emergency kits)
3.    Role Playing- (practice sharing the gospel using different scenarios)
4.    Service (organize some way for us to help others, family history)
5.    Invite others to come and share how they prepared for their mission or to share mission experiences. 

Week 2- “General Conference” We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet
Lesson: Any talks given in General Conference recent or past.
Activity: Possible fieldtrip to cemetery where they are buried.

Week 3- “ Scripture Power”
Lesson: Scripture Stories, learn of person(s) in the scriptures, share faith and examples from scriptures that would inspire us. Include pictures if possible. Have us memorize a scripture and teach its message.

Week 4- “Standards Night”
Lesson: Choose a topic using For Strength of Youth pamphlet or True to the Faith booklet or a media video. You can use stories to go with topic from Church Magazines. Have each share their testimonies of the topic.

Week 5- “Church Magazines”
Lesson: From any Ensign, New Era or The Friend. Teach what we are to learn.

Why should we have Family Home Evenings?  We live in a troubling world with even more troubling people. We need to create a loving, learning environment within our homes to properly ensure our children can be taught correct behaviors and principles that the Lord has planned to make one happy in this life. We set aside Monday nights as this time to gather our families together and to have fun, to teach, to lift, to inspire, that each may know that he or she is loved and that God has a plan, his truth is on the earth and if we are true to the teachings found in scriptures and heard through living prophets today, we can accomplish anything. We can find happiness and peace in this world even though circumstances around us speak differently. We need to protect our children through truth. I have thought how I could make Family Home Evenings more meaningful and hopefully more fun. I'm grateful for Sister Rebecca Pond a member of my church who recently shared ideas on how she has prepared her children to serve an LDS mission. I have been for years wanting to do something more to create a more organized way of doing Family Home Evenings and she has helped me with some ideas for the Missionary Night which I hope my children will embrace.  Family Home Evening is so very important to each of us and will be a protection for our family as we heed the Lord and the Prophet to be consistent.  

Each family home evening we allow each person to be in charge of conducting. We begin with a hymn, we have an opening prayer, the family theme is read, we go over any family business for the week (schedules and such), that person then gives a lesson. We end with a hymn, a closing prayer, refreshments and an activity that the family can do together. Examples: playing board games, playing or watch sports, or every once in a while we go to a movie, but that is rare. Sometimes we go out to get a treat instead of making one. That is how we have done family home evenings forever. I'm looking forward to each weeks theme to help improve the quality.

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