Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Done

I've been working with my daughters in setting and doing goals using the Young Women personal progress book.  I had started my Divine Nature Value Project and finished it yesterday. My goal was to reorganize my recipes. I wanted to get rid of that system of filthy recipe cards (tired of rewriting them, can't read half of them) and put all of them in the computer to be put into a tangible notebook. I put a lot of hours into this.
I first went through my recipes and made sure to keep the ones that were tested and we were actually using, finally went through other recipes collected whether through Relief Society activities or what have you and found some great recipes to keep. I put the recipes into categories such as Breakfast, Salads, Seafood, Sandwiches, Dinners with Chicken etc. For the kids sake I even made recipes for the easy things I do like Spaghetti, Beef Stew , Hotdogs or Sub Sandwiches, etc., so they could open the book and see what they would need and how to do it on their own. One never knows what might could happen to mom. So for the sake of being prepared, I typed each recipe out, with few abbreviations, added cute clip-art for most recipes and all protected in sheet protectors for easy cleaning and I'm also using tabs for easy finding. When I was done with the kids/family recipe notebook, I made another notebook for Ron's healthy breakfasts, dinners, soups and desserts. No more recipe cards, no recipe card boxes, mo, gone, like yesterday. I still have the whole project on my computer where it will stay just in case I need to redo any. It was a little inconvenient to cook while my recipes were here and there, but it was worth it. Yesterday was my first time using my notebooks and I love it! It was a great improvement to my kitchen and to my process of making a weekly menu. I wished now that I had written down a time log for this project just to know how long it took but it took forever, for sure over 10 hours. Glad to be done. The notebooks look so much better than old dirty recipe boxes. It's good for a young women or an old one like me to be organized, it is the way God is and that is who we are trying to be like.

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