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Month by Month Activity Days 2010/2011

I didn't mean to delete this post from my earlier blog so I'm restoring it here. I hope someone will find it helpful in their calling.


1st- "Get Ready, Set, Goals"  - we gathered to see what the girls had already accomplished in their Faith in God booklets. We planned some upcoming activities. We explained what a goal is and why its important to set and work and eventually accomplish them. We played a game.

2nd- "The Music In You"- We taught the girls how to conduct a song for the first half. (They really had fun learning, I was surprised) We discussed how music is everywhere, we talked of the good and bad and how it influences our lives. We used the For Strength of Youth pamphlet to see what the Prophet had said about music. I played 4 different types of music to see if they knew what they were. The fun part, we allowed them to show n' tell their favorite song. They brought their own CD and we asked them why it was their favorite song.

1st- "Be My Valentine" We wrote love letters to our parents, grandparents or leaders. I had made some Valentine Service cards they could fill out and give to whomever they chose. We then decorated sugar cookies to take home to our families. Share the love. The girls had tons of fun doing both.

2nd- "How Lovely Was The Morning" - I had the song playing as they came in. We had a Family Home Evening on Joseph Smith's First Vision. We had a song and prayer to begin.  Holly took care of the flannel board story. I taught them how to conduct and plan a FHE click here, gave them print offs for a FHE chart Click here and ideas click here just for you . We put together FHE kits for them to take home. We then went downstairs to watch the First Vision movie on DVD Click here to view a part of it complete with their own popcorn bag with a few candy treats inside, everyone got to take home a DVD to do the same Family Home Evening to pass of the goal in the Faith in God booklet. We finished by eating cornbread and honey. This was a great meeting. The Spirit was very strong and I knew the girls felt it too. They actually passed off the goal by having their own FHE  with their families. Some of the girls families were inactive and now are becoming active again, who knows maybe it had something to do with the FHE.

1st- "Holy Bread" - Taught the girls to make bread, they each had responsibilities to do. We then discussed the Sacrament and the importance of it. We made the bread to use for the Sacrament and how this would be a great service. We never got recognition for it, we weren't expecting it, but I could tell the girls felt good about what they had done knowing they had served their ward family. It was a great lesson.

2nd- "Day at the Spa"  For the first half, we had guest speaker come and tell us how to take care of our hair, learned some techniques using a curling iron, a flat iron and learned new styles and she taught us about make-up, how to apply it, how much to use, etc.  We had another guest talk about taking care of their skin, keeping it clean, moisturized. We gave each of the girls a hot washcloth to apply onto their faces to clean it. They loved it, felt like we had been to the spa for sure. The second half we spent talking about nails, taking care of them and we for fun we did some nail art. We gave the girls toothpicks and acrylic paints. We had a book that had tons of ideas of to do on your fingernails, very fun the girls didn't want to go home.

1st- "Body as a Temple" - We took the girls to the Bountiful temple grounds to discuss their bodies, keeping them clean from tattoos and too many piercings, read from the Prophets quotes about each and how our bodies are like a temple. We should treat them as such, be careful what we eat, wear, etc. The Spirit was strong. We also celebrated the real birthday of Jesus. I brought cupcakes to sing Happy Birthday. Also, we bought compact mirrors and put a picture of Christ on the top and then they could see themselves in the mirror. We talked about how our countenance should be the image of God and that when we see ourselves, we can see him.

2nd- "Spring Fling"  This is the day we had been planning for awhile, with the previous activities leading up to this. A Spring Fling Modesty Fashion show. Each girl was to bring 3 different outfits: casual, church and PJ's (the girls chose that one), In the beginning we had a nice discussion about modesty and how hard it can be and that we needed to be the one to set the example. Again, read from the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet about what the Prophets have said, which is what Christ has said. We had the stage looking so awesome with glittery stars and with stage lights, we had a runway made out of  balloons. I showed them some modeling techniques that they could do, we had 3 different locations they had to walk to and do a pose of some type, whatever they chose. I had my son video tape the whole thing, my daughter worked the music and we had tons of fun. We saved the tape to be shown later at our mother/daughter night.

1st- "Mommy and Me" - Mother/Daughter activity.  We started out playing a Newlywed type game to find out how much the moms and girls knew about each other. Tons of fun, we had prizes for the two top winners. Had an ice-cream bar, ended watching the Fashion Show with their moms. They were both beaming with pride as they watched the show. It was a good idea to do it.

2nd - "Faith is Like A Seed"-  We talked of faith and testimonies as being like a seed, we planted a Marigold seed and gave each a charge to nourish it and take care of it. We topped it off by eating a dirt dessert with gummy worms. A great activity. The girls are so fun.

1st- "Sporty Me"- learned skills in each of basketball, soccer and tennis. We did some relay type games and did a mini game of each. We had access to someones yard that had a basketball court that was also used as a tennis court. The girls really loved playing around showing off their skills. At the end, we recruited each to become Secret Service Agents. I gave them each a manila envelope with the missions they were to accomplish during the time we were not together. Service missions for mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, friends and Christ.

2nd- "Mission Possible"- This was the final mission of the service agents, we serviced our community by picking up trash at a local park which usually needed  it. Ended with making our own  ice-cream cookie bars for fun. We had fun being Secret Service Agents.

1st- "A Hiking We Will Go" - Chose to do a simple trail in Centerville where it led to a waterfall. They were to bring a backpack with hiking essentials. Talked about being prepared. We had a scavenger hunt for certain items already found on a trip earlier. Things to look for. Ended up having snow cones to cool us off at the end. The girls love to hike.

2nd- "Camp Bare Necessities"  1.) learn to build a safe fire   2.) set up a simple pup tent   3.) cook dinner over fire    Luckily, we have a neighbor who had a fire pit and allowed us to use it. The girls are always jealous of the boys and their camping trips and so this activity gave them the short version and they were thrilled. We had relays setting up the tents, see who could get theirs up the fastest. We enjoyed cooking hotdogs and smores over the fire. Lots of summer fun.

We took the month of August off.

1st- "Babies" - Make no sew fleece blankets for new moms in our ward, we learned a new sewing technique for the bows on the blankets. Made our own homemade ice-cream. The girls had lots of fun doing each.

Recipe for ice-cream: 1/2 c. milk, 1 T. sugar, 1/2 t. vanilla extract (seal real tight and mix in small zip lock bag and set aside)  in large zip-lock bag add: 2 quarts or 8 cups of ice and 6 T. rock salt. Put small bag into large bag and shake for about 5 minutes.

2nd - "Back to School the 1,2 3's"  D&C 88:118- learned good study habits, about procrastinating, etc. Planned a fitness program to stay fit during the new school year. Taught and made healthy after school snacks the highlight of the activity. The girls actually had fun.

1st- "Be Prepared" learned some basic first aid- gave scenario's for each to act out and respond the correct way, when to call 911. We then made first-aid kits. The girls are so good, they have so much fun.

2nd- Make Strawberry freezer jam. Had tons of fun playing in the kitchen. The girls played basketball games while we had to wait. Lots of fun.

1st- "Grateful for Traditions" - Make gratitude letters for our leaders, make gingerbread houses (well graham cracker houses) Had too much fun putting those together.

2nd- "O Holy Night" - watch Luke II movie 5 minutes. Made Nativity ornament with round clothes pins and popcycle sticks.

1st- "Tis the Season" - We made a trip to Temple Square to see the lights and take in the atmosphere. For some girls it was their first trip ever to Temple Square and especially to see all the beautiful lights. They were so excited and had a desire to invite their own families to come and visit there again. We had hot chocolate and doughnuts in the beginning. It was the perfect temperature, the perfect time, no large crowds. We got to speak with some missionaries and visit the Christ statue there in the visiting center. The girls loved the road trip.

January 2011
1st - "Bring in the New" -Explained some of the things we had in store for the new year. They helped us plan upcoming activities-this passes off a goal in the Faith in God booklet. We ended up having fun playing broom hockey in the cultural hall at the church. Lots of fun. They couldn't get enough.

2nd- "Picture This"  We are doing  an ongoing activity for each girl to create their own personal history scrapbook. We are starting with the cover page and their baby picture. I've asked each of the moms or dads to write their feelings and memories of their daughters as they were a baby.We will learn different techniques of scrapbooking using the computer. It will be fun to see how each girl creates.  This project will not only benefit them but for generations to come. It will be a special project to complete.

February 2011
1st- "Souper Bowl" Daddy/Daughter night.  We will start off having soup in bread bowls and then end up playing a SEEK football game. I have created a football field, we will use the SEEK game (scripture questions game) to play and make moves. I created slips of papers if they answer correctly which everyone will (we will supply scriptures to make sure) the slips of paper will tell them how many downs they get or maybe they will choose one that says touchdown on it. It will be tons of fun.

2nd- "We Love our Missionaries" - This is one of the activities the girls helped us with. I was so excited and impressed with our girls for wanting to be more serviceable this year. We plan on writing letters and Valentines to our missionaries and creating small care packages to send them. Can't wait!

Other activities the girls thought would be cool:  adopting a grandma at the local Apple Tree (care facility for the elderly), they wanted to pair up and visit with as many as they can. They also wanted us to sing to them and make them happy. Visit homeless shelter, make more blankets and give them to orphans. Make more sugar cookies and give them away. We are planning an activity on budget and shopping. We plan on making a dinner for the Bishopric and their wives. Again another way to serve in our ward. I love our girls. Hope these activities will help others. We love our job and would love to hear of your ideas you might have.

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