Monday, January 3, 2011

Come, Gone and Anew

It's hard to believe it but another year has come and gone. We rang in the new year at my brothers girlfriends cabin in Liberty. We ate somewhat healthy foods, no sugar foods anyway, no soda and we played some fun games. When the clock reached midnight all of the kids took a turn jumping off the back porch which happens to be on the second level of the house into the deep snow. All was fun until Dallon jumped into not so fresh snow and twisted or sprained his ankle. Happy New Years! It wasn't that bad luckily, then again it wasn't my foot. If you ask Dallon he would tell you differently. Poor guy. Next day, tried to sleep in but only made it to 8:30am, not too bad but, I could have done better being we didn't make it home and into bed until 2:00am. Got up and was ready to get going. I got a lot of things done including taking down all of Christmas and ready to watch the Alabama vs Michigan football game and TCU vs Wisconsin and Florida vs Penn State. Okay a lot of football, but all my favorites won. Went to get pizza for the game for those who came over to watch them with us and got to have one for free. Don't know why, I guess they were feeling generous for the first customer of the New Year. Sweet deal! 

Sunday at church was awesome, I bore my testimony, I wasn't planning on it but it happened. I saw our Stake President and every time I see him, there is something about him that reminds me of my dad. I started thinking of him, many of you know he passed away last year. I was grateful to the Great Plan and for Jesus for making it possible for me to see him again. We had great and awesome teachers yesterday. I love Sis. Gardner and how she teaches. She really gets you to think about it. All of our gospel teachers are awesome, we are so blessed to have so many great people in our ward to learn from.

Sunday, I was also able to start one of my New Year's goals to have family dinners every month on Fast Sunday. I am looking forward to doing this. This month yesterday, we had a roast dinner and a game. Lots of fun. Next month, I'm planning a early Valentine's Dinner/Family Home Evening. I'm hoping more family will come next time. Even more fun.

The new year is looking promising so forth. So, Happy New Year's to all of you, hope this year will be one of spiritual growth and eternal wealth.

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