Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Week Gone

Okay, so I decided to keep track of what I do during the day. I write my doings on a small notebook.I only write what I do, not what time and how long it takes to do whatever I'm doing.  It helps not only me to know how I'm spending my time, but my family can also know what I do while they are at school or at work. I feel pretty balanced,  trying to exercise, keep the house clean, dinners, church callings,volunteer in the kids classes, being taxi mom-driving to this or that, staying spiritually minded and even fun things like reading a book. We will see how long this will last.  This past week I've noticed how much more diligent in reading my scriptures I am now that the kids are back in school. I'm a little behind on my scripture tracker but as long as I'm reading that's all that counts. I've enjoyed reading when its quiet and I can think and ponder a little about it. I love Nephi and I love Jacob his brother who are great teachers especially when it comes to Isaiah. I found it so much easier this time around to understand what was being said. I love their testimonies and their faithful desire to teach truth about Christ to their people. It was very important to them because they had seen what was going to happen to their people, they tried so hard to turn it around and they probably think they failed, but, I've learned so much from them and there are still many others who have learned from their teachings by reading the Book of Mormon. It's pretty awesome to think about it, that they are still teaching, many are still hearing their teachings and learning about the truths.

This week I'm reading The Maze Runner, its a book my sons got as a Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa Shapiro. It's pretty good, wish I could keep reading it non-stop. Looking forward to the 2nd book of it. I hear the 3rd book is still not out yet. I got a pretty lengthy book list of recommendations from family and friends of books I would like to read. I can't wait.

Saturday, we got to go to our first Cheer competition of the year. It was held at Timpview in Provo. It was lots of fun. We followed the coach down to Provo, I think next time we should decorate our cars or something. I'm going to suggest it. I was very impressed with the venue of Timpview High School. As you walk in the door into this huge opening, kind of a mall feel to it, was the banner that read In God We Trust. I was happily surprised because I thought it was a bold statement being it was in a school. But, it was an awesome sight. It brought a smile and a warm feeling of pride to be in such a place.

Luckily, the time went by fast, it was fun to see the different routines, you could tell all the girls worked hard and their hard work paid off. For our teams, Danielle and Samantha performed together with the Varsity team which came in 3rd place but then there were only 3 teams in that category so...yeah. Danielle performed a second time with the JV team. They came in first place because they were the only team in that category to perform. I'm hoping to have a link up soon for you to see the performances. I think they did a great job. We were going to go to the BYU basketball game but they were sold out, so we went out to Cafe Zupa's for lunch. I can't get enough of this place, they have the best soups and salads. Headed home listening to the game on the radio, watched the rest when we got home. It was a sweet victory. 

Waited for Jonathon to get back from his outing with the Scouts, had dinner and headed to Cyrstal Cave Springs. I had never been there but it's a man made hot springs. It was pretty neat. The one pool we were mostly in, was at 98 degrees, it had three water falls. One was freezing water, the other two were warm and hot. Everyone was congregating around the warm ones. Also there were three other smaller hot tubs in the hundred to hundred and three degrees and one lap pool which was at 73 degrees. They also had a water slide if you like cold water. I'm guessing that gets nicely used in warmer weather. As it was, it snowed while we were there making the experience even more wonderful.

Sunday, got to sleep in, it was awesome. Made cinnamon cake and the kids loved me. Got a call from church members saying that the pipes had burst in the scout room and had flooded the room. They had to turn off the power and the water. So, we had Sacrament only in another building, so we wouldn't freeze. It was a good turn out but then again, it was a smaller room and we were having a missionary farewell and they had lots of family and friends show up for it. This sister, Sister Sara King, leaving for her mission to Arizona, is very well prepared and I loved her message of the three P's of missionary work. Purpose, prepare yourself and promises. She gave a quick summary of this story of a boy and his sacrifice to go on a mission. click here to read it. It is an awesome true story. I can see her doing great things. The most awesome and sad thing about her story is that her mother passed away some time back and she has been raised by her father. It says a lot about her upbringing. The whole family, there are seven children and they are all great people. People to look up to.

We came home, played a new game-Speed Solitaire, had dinner, did Family Home Evening and went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Shapiro along with a few others who had the same thought. It was a nice visit but school was the next day. Went home and Danielle remembered she needed to watch a movie in Spanish, so we watched Fiddler on the Roof. I love it, it's a cute show. Now, I'm ready for a new week.

Today, I started my day as usual prepare breakfast (waffles always on Monday), family scripture/prayer, eat breakfast, dishes, waited for kids to leave for school so I could do my exercise workout. I'm enjoying my peace until the kids come home from school. I get to volunteer on Mondays in Dallon's class. I do multiplication facts with each of the kids for 30 minutes. That is a great reward, the kids are fun. Tonight, more cheer practice, football bowl game and more reading of my book. Life is great! Cross my fingers and knock on wood. :)

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