Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scripture Tracker

I made up a scripture tracker yesterday. I included all scriptures, including The Family Proclamation, The Living Christ, For the Strength of Youth pamplet, Articles of Faith and two conference talks.. I am starting with the Book of Mormon. Yesterday, I read the beginning pages of the Book of Mormon. Today, I will read 1st Nephi chapter 1-4.  At the beginning of my tracker, I put the date I started. I also plan on putting dates completed next to the scriptures to be read. I want to see if I do get off track, how long it happens for.  Follow along to keep yourself on track to read from the scriptures everyday. I will include the first three weeks worth of sets. The complete project should take just over a year to complete unless you do more of the sets in one day, which I plan on doing at times. It will be fun to have a group doing this together. The important thing is to read every day. Some of the sets seem long but most are short chapters, the sets I put together are reachable. If you get so far ahead let me know and I will post more of the sets.

My Scripture Tracker

Title of Book of Mormon
Introduction, Witnesses, Testimony of Joseph Smith & Explanation

1st Nephi  1-4

1st Nephi 5-8

1st Nephi 9-12

1st Nephi 13-14

1st Nephi 15-17

1st Nephi 18-20

1st Nephi 21-22

2nd Nephi 1-2

2nd Nephi 3-5

2 Nephi 6-10

2nd Nephi 11-20

2nd Nephi 21-25

2nd Nephi 26-29

2nd Nephi 30-33

Jacob 1-4

Jacob 5-6

Jacob 7-Words of Mormon

Mosiah 1-3

Mosiah 4-7

Mosiah 8-11

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