Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 12 days of my Christmas Break 2011

My first day of Christmas break, my mom made me do:  morning kitchen chores, girls went to a cheer Christmas ice-skating party in Bountiful and then for a mother/daughter shopping spree at the Deseret Industries for new church clothes. It took us three and a half hours to do it. My feet hurt for standing at the fitting room waiting for the girls to try on potential clothing. I couldn't tell if I was having fun or not, through all the complaining  What happen to girls being excited about shopping and getting new clothes, even if it is church clothes. I wanted my girls to look like they were going to church on Sunday's not school. I don't think it's too much to ask my girls to dress classy and modest. We managed to find something that made everyone happy. Yeah!   We finished the night split, Ron and the boys watching Monday night football, the younger kids playing Wii games and me, watching Sense and Sensibility with Brandon spending more than half of it watching too. I think I had the better fun. Our Family Home Evenings are on Sunday for now and we had a great story lesson from Samantha and Brandon and then we watched The Sound of Music.

My second day of Christmas break, my mom made me do: blow and tie birthday balloons for my 16 year old brother,  morning kitchen chores, trip to the Orthodontist with Cameron, Christmas shopping with Cameron, he wanted to buy our family a gift and then took Jonathon Christmas shopping for his friend and to get a hair cut. Then spent the rest of the day making treats for neighbors and friends. My feet hurt again :) This was suppose to be a family activity but turned out Danielle was my only helper :(   Dallon did find some time to help me crush oreos for Brandon's birthday mud pie. :)  Have a party, sing Happy Birthday and then watch the BYU basketball game/Inception on Blu- Ray. Yeah! 

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