Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Christmas Break Fun

On my third day of Christmas break, my mom made me do: morning  kitchen chores, early 3 hour cheer practice and everyone's bedrooms to perfection. My perfection not theirs :)  Lots of moaning and groaning, lots of why why whys, but I will have my way yet. I was doing lots of the work anyway, I don't know why they were complaining. Now instead of my feet, my back and knees are killing me.

To add to the fun, we spent time building Imaginext sets, reading Christmas books, deliver Christmas treats to our neighbors and friends. I was able to spend a little time reading Because He Loved Us. Made breakfast for dinner, my kids favorite dinner and watching the Bowl game Utah vs. Boise State (who should I go for?....hmmm, this is a hard one) and maybe a glimpse of the Jazz game I hope. Looking forward to bed. Happy Holidays. 

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