Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Break Continued

On my fourth day of Christmas break, my mom made me do:  morning kitchen jobs and Saturday jobs too.....Children-what?!!!? Why?  Mom- "What is on Saturday this week?", children-"Christmas?", mom- "yes...the reason we are doing Saturday jobs today, tomorrow will be spent up at Chris' place."  I'm a mean mom for making them do jobs today, so they won't have to on Christmas. So mean.   Also, she made us: make 5 pies....more moaning and groaning. More surprise Christmas shopping with Cameron and rent 7 movies for the long weekend. The movies aren't due back until Monday of next week, so why not?   We are celebrating Joseph Smith's birthday tonight by eating a pioneer type meal. Will spend the night watching a movie no doubt. Maybe check up on how San Diego State does in their bowl game. Oh what fun it is to be on Christmas break.  

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