Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Activities...I Can't Wait

Our summertime will all be unplugged, no media, except a few movies here or there. In order to accomplish this I bought me a pretty sweet CD/Stereo player, it also has connection for my phone to listen to Pandora music. My kids are pretty addicted to Pandora and Playlist what teenager doesn't love music. I love music myself so that will still be part of our summer just not coming from the computer. I already talked about some of the places that might be on our hot list this summer but her are more ideas I had:

Outdoor Family Sports-  Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming on Mondays.
I was watching my son Dallon get excited watching our neighbor teenage group date, they were playing badminton. It occurred to me that that was an idea after examining our yard to see if it would work, so, we bought a badminton set and a couple of new basketballs. Dallon was so excited about buying one that he helped me and Ron put in our vegetable garden so we could hurry to Wal-Mart to buy it.Now, he is itching to play.

Service - It's time to make a difference. We will be calling ourselves "Zion's Service Patrol". I will be inviting my neighbors to make a difference with us. I will make the call on Facebook to join us at a place to do service. I have my first place all picked out, I'm pretty excited to do this. And of course I plan on serving cold treats afterwards. Danielle on her own wants to volunteer at the local hospital, I think that's cool.

Of course Church will be keeping the kids and me occasionally busy with activities. Cub Scout Day Camp, Young Men Adventure Activity, Sons of Mosiah Experience, Young Women Camp, Cheer Camp for Danielle, Achievement Days for me.

And we can't forget about Family Vacation (San Diego), a trip to visit Brother Jack in Montana for his play. A Cousin's Party Campout is also planned and hanging with my folks and brother Chris and his family for some fun. Along the way, celebrate a couple of birthdays, baptism and holidays, one being my favorite, the 4th of July.

With all of this, I think summertime is looking great.

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