Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unplugged So Far

My kids were not excited to hear we were going to be unplugged this summer. I heard a lot of complaining. But, it is amazing some of the activities they have come up with to fill in the time they would have spent on wasted computer or video type games. Some things they have done so far:

  • swimming at our neighbors pool on Mondays
  • Service in our neighborhood and community with friends
  • Building forts outside using blankets
  • Playing soccer in the sprinklers
  • Play Hide and Seek and Ghost in the Graveyard in the bottom level of my house, there are a lot of spaces to hide and it's dark.
  • Because of the Sons of Mosiah experience, my kids have created shields and breastplates made from cardboard. Every one of them is very creative I will put a picture up later. 
  • play board games
  • make cookies or other treats
  • reading has been in abundance, they have discovered some great series out there.
  • Play with friends
  • Ride scooters
  • Jump on trampoline
  • Ride the blue machine 3 wheeler bikes with squirt guns
  • Have a water battle using squirt games
  • Go to the movies 
  • Listen to music, do some karaoke performances.
  • Play badminton
  • Dress up and imagination play
  • Build with Legos 
  • Build marble maze with blocks
  • Take the dog for more walks
  • Play at the park
  • Making their own movies.
This is so far. It's good to think outside the box. I still hear grumblings and they are always asking why we are doing it, funny how they always get the same answer. It's to have more interactions with each other, to build strong family and friend relationships, to help us be creative in our thinking, get outside and be active with nature and enjoy their summer.

I'm still looking forward to some the activities I have planned like canoeing and camping and spending more time as a family doing cool, fun and discovering new things. Unplugged so far.....a success.

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