Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This summer to my kids dismay I'm sure, since, I haven't told them yet, we are going to be unplugged from most all media. This sounds like insanity to some and maybe it will be. But, I'm tired of coming in second place when it comes to attention. I have been furiously planning other ways to have fun this summer. I'm calling it the Tour of Utah.
Some ideas:
Fort Buenaventura for some canoeing and for learning about the life of the American Indians and Trappers with a real life tepee. It only costs $1 per person to get in. Once in you can do some exploring and see true artifacts of the times. Canoeing is one of the things that attracted me to this place, it costs only $3 for 1/2 hour and also there is the trading posts and visiting center. If you prefer, you could camp there. It sounds fairly reasonable and located in Ogden, Utah

The Golden Spike Natural Historic Site along with The Bird Refuge and the Brigham City Swimming Pool will be another day. All this in or near Brigham City. Costs: $7 per car for Golden Spike, free for Bird Refuge and $5 per person for the swimming pool.

I'm looking forward to visiting the Museum of People and Cultures in Provo, Utah on or near the BYU campus, spending a day with cousins in that part of town and swimming in the local swimming pool. We could also add the Museum of Stuffed Animals (that isn't the name of it, I don't think) but, it has a whole section of stuffed animals, it's pretty cool. All free except visit to the swimming pool.

Temple Square - Museum of Church History, Visiting Centers, Joseph Smith Movie and City Creek for ice-cream and lunch. I'm hoping to do this on June 27th on Joseph Smith's Martyrdom.  Get this all free except lunch and ice-cream.

Natural History Museum of Utah- since we only got 20 minutes to explore on Dallon's 4th grade fieldtrip, I wanted to do this again. I was very impressed with the museum. it is more expensive than my other activities, with $9 for me, $7 for five of my kids, and $6 for two of them, but, on July 9th, there will be a free day. On July 3rd you need to reserve some tickets for that day online. I'm hoping to get these free tickets for my family. Crossing fingers, if not, I'm willing to pay, because, it's an awesome experience.

Antelope Island- only $9 per car. There is many things to do on the island. Hiking to Spider Mountain and many other trails, biking, bird watching, viewing wildlife, swimming if you dare and building sand castles on the beach, I thought we would take a picnic and fly kites. There is a visiting center along with a farm house to pet a deer and see a nesting owl. It's all about getting outdoors and enjoying nature. What more could you ask for? (for the stink to not be there, okay, but, mostly that is along the causeway)

So far this is what I have, I really want to see the new zoo exhibit and maybe hike up ensign peak. There will be more family outdoor activities and playing games as a family but, no computers (except for Pandora) or gaming devices. Maybe a movie every once in awhile. You may not see me on Facebook because of it. Do you have any ideas, what are you doing this summer?

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