Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Honor Roll Tradition

It's been a tradition for awhile now, but we take our children who have made the honor roll out to dinner. This time we got to take Danielle, it was her first year in Jr. High. We got to take all of our children in High School and Jr. High. All of them had straight A's with one having an A-. What can you say to that?  We are so proud of our kids for putting forth the effort for their education. It will pay for college in the long run.
 We decided to go to Red Lobster, because the kids love it so much, even Brandon who doesn't like seafood. It's pretty expensive after eating dinner and dessert but, we tell our kids they are worth it. We are so happy with them for what they accomplished.. The younger kids look forward to when they can join us for our tradition. I hope it will be enough incentive for them to do their best. 

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