Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School Is In

We had our Stake Conference this past Sunday. I really like what the General Authority had to say about us being in school. That's all he said about it, but, I've always had this analogy of us in school and so when he said it, it brought me back to focus on my own analogy of it.
 I know we were taught before we came here. I have no doubt of this. They wanted to prepare us. We were in elementary school with our Heavenly Father's teachers and we had classes on what we needed to learn to succeed in life, things that would bring the most happiness, how to combat temptations, etc. Now that we are here, it's like going to college, ready for the next step, we left home, away from our parents care, but not to the point that we can't communicate, we can call home anytime through prayer. We are now on our own, we experience different types of things and learn new things. We get side tracked every once in a while trying to have "fun". The key of this life is to remember those things that we were taught and be successful and happy here. We learn things here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept. Depending on how we handle that new information, we either get more information to further us along or we stumble making things harder for us. Some of us get this knowledge easier than others, depending on how focused we are, how in tune we are. But, everyone has it eventually. Some of us want to learn more, actually do the homework, put what we have learned into practice, plant the seed of faith and let the experience grow in us. Some of us put it on a shelf hoping we don't run out of time to complete it, wanting more time to have "fun", wondering why we have to change our ways. Some of us don't even care, don't even have a clue. They do whatever they want, forgetting the reason they are here. But, we have all been given a gift, the light of Christ. This helps us know right from wrong. We know it! Deep down, we know something to be either right or wrong. We are now here to pass the test that we have practiced so hard for before we came. Each day is another day at school to learn all that we can. Are we going to pass the class today?  Am I going to pass, am I  going to do all my work that is required to pass the class each day. This is the question I asked myself after hearing that talk. There are days I have failed horribly, but then I bounce back, there is mercy. There are days I've been awesome and feel good about the things I've done. I started to evaluate my life even more and look at how far I've come since I joined the church when I was 15. So grateful to have the knowledge and testimony I do. I know who I am, I know why I'm here, I know where I want to go and I know how to get there. That is a great gift alone. Everyone can have this. The hard part is staying focused, not losing sight of the goal, the prize.
I want to pass this test, I want to pass it so bad, it has brought the thrill of living in each new day to a new height. I can't guarantee each day will be perfect because let's be "real" nobody is perfect. I have myself to deal with (this isn't always easy), I have others around me to deal with, I'm not here on this planet alone. I have to deal with others' in this world and their choices. All of us are at different levels in this life, just as we are at school. Some of us learn faster, some of us it takes a little longer (that would be me), but when we get it, it's a great day.
Pretty soon school will be out and I hope all of us will graduate together. When we return to our Heavenly home we will be prepared to live life as we have been taught and live forever, forever learning new things. Learning to become as our Heavenly Parents. This can be pretty amazing to think about. But, first things first. Let's deal with today. Pass the small quizzes of the day. I must study and do my homework, experience what I've learned already, put it into practice, because practice makes perfect. 

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