Monday, March 12, 2012

Calorie Counter

My husband has been keeping track of his calorie intake and I've watched him. He has been shredding pounds like crazy. He credits that to healthy eating/staying active when he can and keep in track of his calorie intake. Man he is looking hot! Although, I've always thought he was before.

 I have been curious about how many calories I take into my body, thinking I didn't really eat a lot.So, I started my own tracker. I use the same as he does. Check it out here   It keeps track of the food intake, water and activity you do. At first, I was frustrated about the math of it all, changing cups into oz. or grams and also finding the right foods in their database. I've learned lately you can customize your foods and add it to the database. It's amazing how much more vigil I am about the numbers on the back of each food package.  You can type in your own recipes and it will log it in for your serving. I've had a few supporters come by and comment on my status at the end of the day when my progress is complete (meaning my food intake is done for the day). It has been nice to have them give me tips on how to use this site. Today, I'm happy about it. During the day, I can put in the foods/recipes I have planned on my menu ahead of time. This has saved me time when there is no time at meal time to do it. Or I can go ahead and put it in knowing that is exactly how much I will eat and be done with it. I just have to stick with the amounts I had thought I would eat. If I decide to eat more when I already put in the amounts, I can go back and adjust it, it's pretty easy. This method has so far kept me in line and to stay within my calorie intake. When I do exercise, it gives me points, but, I ignore these, so I can lose more weight in the short run. So far, I really like it and the other people have cheered  me on. I'm not in this alone and it makes the difference. Plus, you can put this on your phone, bonus, if you go out to eat instead. If I stick with this I should be at my ideal weight by the end of the year. That's something I can look forward to.

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