Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lynn Austin-Amazing!

I finished all of Lynn Austin's Books. What a great writer! I thoroughly enjoyed each book and learned so much through reading her books and not just history. Each book got me emotionally involved and has strengthened my testimony and faith in Jesus christ in so  many ways. Now that I'm done, I'm sad, like moving away from a great friend. I never thought this before for any other book, but, I wouldn't think twice about picking up any of her books and reading it again. And i can truly suggest her books to anyone and not regret it. Looking for a worthy goal, try reading all of these. These books had it all: adventure, clean romance, faith building, historically correct, and powerful. You come to know each character and feel their struggles and they are real struggles we face. Loved seeing the change in each character as they began to really depend on god to help them. But, it wasn't preachy or didn't feel like going to church, it was a real adventure for each character from each book. 

Stand-alone novels
Chronicles of the Kings series- I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this series. It was the best.
Following the lives and legacies of King Hezekiah and his son Manasseh, this series takes readers through the history, drama and promises of the Old Testament. Embracing God's law, following God's will, and growing in faith is easier said than done for the father and son. Three-time Christy Award winner Lynn Austin brings the Bible to life in her gripping historical novels.
  1. Gods and Kings
  2. Song of Redemption
  3. The Strength of His Hand
  4. Faith of My Fathers
  5. Among the Gods
Refiner's Fire series
Each book in this sweeping Civil War series—one each told from the northern, southern, and slave points-of-view—offers a unique and shattering perspective on the conflict while exploring the deep effect the war had on the faith of a nation.
  1. Candle in the Darkness
  2. Fire by Night
  3. A Light to My Path

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