Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Okay To Mourn But Don't Hate

In recent news, we have witnessed shocking news about Josh Powell (who was accused by the people not necessarily the law, that he had something to do with his wife's' disappearance back in 2009). We learned that he had blown himself up along with his two young sons using 10 gallons of gasoline, luckily, saving the case worker the same fate. We later learned that he had brutally killed his sons before he started the fire using a hatchet. My heart broke twice. My first feeling was heartbreak and shock, then I started getting frustrated that things could have been handled differently, better. But, then I started to feel angry, mostly saddened by the things Josh had done from the beginning. To me it is evident that he killed his wife too, I had felt promptings that this is true of late last year and just hoped they would find her body to help bring closure and peace to the Cox family.  To have the kids witness it, by taking them on a "campout" while mom was in the trunk. There is no words to describe what Josh Powell has done in the last three years and may have even stemmed from the evils of pornography of all things. While feeling angry about how the boys died, I had another thought that was given me. I shouldn't be angry or hate Josh for anything, this is for God to handle and sort out. He allows these things to happen so that he can bring to pass his justice where it is needed and mercy where it is needed. God paid the ultimate price for all those that would ever suffer in this life called the Atonement. We need the Atonement today, we need to give it (this tragedy) to God and allow our hearts to be healed. We need to forgive and love all men including men like Josh Powell. I feel sorry for him now. He made a huge mistake or two or three, but, we have all sinned in one way or another and need forgiveness of the one who has mercy. Whether God will have any mercy on Josh Powell or send him straight to hell is His decision not ours. We can only believe and for some of us, we know, that Susan and her two young boys are together again. They will suffer no more and we must not suffer either because we know. God bless us all as we mourn the loss and try to understand it, but, let us put hate far from us and remember to have compassion on the man that has lost everything.

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