Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Is The Way

It took a couple of detours, but, my daughter has finally got to the point where she comes to visit and I listen to all her concerns, give my own advice and wisdom, encourage her, direct her in her own relationships, to make them strong, reminding her to communicate openly and nicely when needed. The other day, she couldn't wait to tell me all their happenings, she was bursting at the seams. She told their experiences of house hunting, and wanted to give every detail about one they really loved, their plans, etc. She was happy and it was so fun to hear her talk of painting and planting gardens. She even asked if she could get a few recipes. She said they eat out every night and she wants to start cooking to save them money. Shocking! But very exciting! Ever since she met Chris, she has been doing so well by leaps and bounds. They talk of getting married and it won't be long now. I was hoping they would marry before moving in together, but, I will be happy that she is doing so well. Chris also has a young 4 year old son, Trea (Tray). She is already in the mommy mode, taking him to pre-school, hanging out with him and taking care of him, in fact, he has asked her if he can call her mommy. He loves her to death. He really wants to have a real family with a mommy and daddy home. Chris is getting full custody of him and Trea couldn't be happier. She was asking me the other day what to do with him all day, she was worried about the cost of it. I told her that she could do things that didn't cost like going to the library or to the park, he also loves coming over here to play with Kaydon. He is always asking her when can they go to her house meaning our house. She doesn't have to entertain him the whole time, he can just play. Christina has been more family oriented lately, she has made it to see Jonathon's band show the other night. She wants to go and see Danielle cheer at a game. She has more of an interest in her siblings and what they are doing. She has come a long way. I keep thinking, this is the way it should be.

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