Monday, September 12, 2011

Love...No Trouble at All

I've been reading and finished While We're Far Apart by Lynn Austin. Wow! Another great book. Can recommend this book to anyone to read. It's a faith promoting, historical fiction book of World War II. Three different lives becomes intertwine with one another. Loved learning about the Jewish people, whom we have direct lineage with.  It's very sad what happens. In this book it gives great Bible stories like Queen Esther that help us understand that God allows these kinds of things to happen but it doesn't mean he he's not there.Everything happens for a reason. We can't always see the whole picture and understand why things happen, but, we need to have faith that God knows what he's doing. We need to continue to do those things he has asked us to do, like keep the commandments, pray, read scriptures, go to church. We can't turn our backs on Him when things aren't going the way we think it should. Very good book. It ends the way it should, I will leave it at that, maybe you will read it, so I won't give away too much.

Something in the end stuck out to me, I will need to give the couple of sentences before for it to sound right. It reads, "I finally realized why I always had so much trouble telling Sally how I felt. It was because what I felt wasn't love. A man in love should have no trouble at all. Even if he's tongue-tied, he should overflow with ways to express how he feels. I was dazzled by her beauty and by the fact that she would even look twice at a guy like me." Not sure why it stuck out to me,I guess sometimes I feel doubt, but I loved it. Sometimes people have a hard time expressing themselves when it comes to verbally saying I love you, but it should show in other ways. It really becomes necessary to let others know you do love them. If not, sometimes there can come into a persons mind doubt, in what they once knew. People need reassurances that the feelings that made them get married in the first place is still there, if not stronger than before. If a couple loves each other, it shouldn't be no trouble at all to express it in one way or the other where the other has no doubt. We need to remember to smile and make it easy for the other to communicate.

I love when Ron sends me text or email love notes. It reminds me of the days when we first began. he would leave smiley notes either in my car while I was at work and I would find them when I got off or he would leave them in the bathroom of my apartment. I would find them after he had left. Little reminders that someone cares and loves you. It makes the day a whole lot sunnier and happy. It leaves no doubts.

It's also nice to get a kiss hello once he walks through the door from work, it communicates to me that everything is alright, I'm glad to be home. While staying in their home on a quick vacation stop, I've been impressed with my brother-in-law Jim who kisses his wife Rebecca and he seems to always be in a good mood, discusses his day when he comes home from either work or church business. It's not just a quick kiss, it's a kiss that in every way expresses his love for her. It's like watching a love story. Sweet! You got to love it.

What kinds of ways do you express love to one another? 

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