Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Has Never Felt So Good

Don't get me wrong, I loved my summer with my kids. I thought it was the perfect summer, it went slow and care free as summer breaks should be, but there is something about getting back into a normal routine even if that means crazy. Crazy because we are in the beginning of soccer which means adding practice and games into the mix of already busy. Yeah! Although, it has been extra nice having more people to play taxi. It's been helpful having both Cameron and mostly Brandon drop kids off here or pick them up there or drive themselves to school, it has been very satisfying not having to do it all myself.

This past summer has been very fulfilling in a way that we have been rounded and not to swamped in activities. All of the month of June was filled up with church activities. Scout Camp, Girls camp, Cub Day Camp all happened on different weeks but got over with in June. Nice!

Cameron attended Boys State for the first week of June and loved it. Being part of mock elections and trials was educational. Got to shake the hand of the Governor of Utah. He also earned a $2,200 scholarship to Weber State if he chooses to endorse it. I was proud of that accomplishment, because that was one of the highest honors to receive. Not to mention all the days of work he did, way to go for adding to your savings. He has been busy attending Missionary Prep classes, it makes me sad and excited at the same time.

Jonathon had band all summer long, early in the mornings 7:00am -12:00pm, parades to march including the Days of 47'.  I got to attend and be a chaperone for the band. Very fun, never got to see the parade in person before and I loved it. Cried when I saw the handcart pioneers walking down the street, when the Prophet Thomas S. Monson passed by in his car, when the military passed by as the neighbor across from where I was standing played God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood. Everyone stood and clapped the whole time singing the song, I will never forget it! He then attended band camp for a week. Now, for each home game he is performing for Davis High football team. It's pretty exciting.

Danielle has had lots of cheer camp practice during the summer and earned lots of money babysitting for a neighbor and cleaning out a chicken coop while a neighbor was on vacation and now she is a popular cheerleader performing at volleyball games until the next sport.

Samantha this summer also tried out for a new gym-Ligthtbox chearleading team and made it. She begins in September with her fun. She also earned money babysitting and watched lots of movies. She begins Junior High this year and is very excited to be there with Danielle. Hoping to make good enough grades to try-out for KJH chearleading team in the Spring. She wants to be on the same team as Danielle. Sweet!

This summer we went on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, we did a lot of camping and hiking. Lots of fun seeing beautiful America. It was short, sweet and refreshing. Just enough time away. We also went to Hogle Zoo several times with our season pass, I love the zoo. I could stand and watch the tigers all day if they would let me and the bird show is always a winner. Swimming was in the mix every Monday at our awesome neighbor The Helgesen's. We just love them! Thanks for sharing. Also,every Sunday at 6:30pm we had other multi-neighbors host a homemade ice-cream social for all who wanted to come. It was a great way to visit with church members and neighbors. We all brought things to contribute when we could. It made the summer memorable for my kids, they looked forward to going each Sunday and visiting with their friends in a setting that is more appropriate. Makes me want to get an ice-cream machine for Christmas so we can make our own to bring next summer.

With all this summer fun, it's great, but, like I said, I love being back into it. Back to school has never felt so good.  I like having time for me, time to exercise, go to the gym, read my scriptures and study in peace without any kids fighting about who's turn it is to play this or that. I like finding things to do to improve my house, organizing something, cook something, weed something, cleaning something, I like reading books that will take me places and meet new people without leaving my house. Nice! I like having time to finish projects undone, my book that still needs to be written about me, family history, temple work (if you ever want to go with me, that would be fun), personal history scrapbooks, vacation scrapbooks to be completed from 5 vacations ago. Yeah! It will be fun when I actually sit down and do it. I recently made a list of things I could do to fill up "my time" and I came up with 20 things and it didn't even include movies. Ha! I feel good! I'm trying to fill my time more wisely and not waste it. We all know "time" is everything and we will be held accountable with the way we used it. Scary! But, I'm excited.

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  1. Sounds like a crazy summer, and a busy school year.


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