Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Activities

Friday- volunteered in Kaydon's class, went visit teaching, went grocery shopping, took the family out for Nielsen's Frozen Custard before taking them to the play Savior of the World. Our brother Jack was Joseph and he was outstanding. Loved it!

Saturday- woke up early to take the honor roll students out to breakfast at Sill's Cafe'. They have great food. We then went home to rake up a million leaves, literally. We bagged 43 bags of leaves. Who needs a gym membership when you have a yard full of leaves to rake and pick up. Not to mention trim trees and prune the grapes and raspberries. So much to do in the middle of a wind storm. It's blowing so bad I'm sick of wind right now. It almost seemed pointless to rake except I can actually tell a difference now. Grateful for my children and Ron for helping. We even had extra help with Andy and Emma. Waiting for the BYU game. Ron and a few of our boys are going to it. As for me I'm going to get Lost on my couch and veg because I'm going to be to sore to move. Away from the sound and feel of wind. Go COUGS!


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