Monday, November 8, 2010

A Family Affair

This week has been all about family. I had my folks fly in to spend a good amount of time with us, luckily for them though, my brother Chris lives near by to have some fun. Sometimes life with 7 kids at home is a bit scheduled and not much time for anything else. They arrived on the Wed. the 27th of Oct. The moment they got off the plane we were on our way to our ward Halloween carnival which my kids were involved in. It was fun of course seeing all the costumes and hearing Cameron be the host of the best costume. Ron and I along with their grandma and grandpa Shapiro attended Jonathon's band performance, my parents rested up with the other kids at home. This concert also had my nephew Wyatt, an added bonus to see more family. The next day traveled to see my brother Chris and his family with my folks. Chris paid for our lunch at the Golden Corral. Later went to see a sister of David's whom we haven't seen forever. I've always thought Janette was cool and she still was. I remember as a youth she really inspired me as a homemaker. She has 6 kids of  her own and I adopted some of the things she did into my own system once I started having kids. Her house is like a I Spy book. She is a collector of things and it was fun to see it all. Friday spent most of the day at the Desert Industries it seemed. My folks really love this place, it has the greatest bargains. Later went on a date with Chris and Colleen with my folks, we ate at Famous Daves. It was their first time seeing Colleen. It was also the night Ron spilled BBQ sauce on my mother. It was kind of funny although, I'm sure my mom wasn't thrilled. Saturday night, we watched movies "How to Train Your Dragon", When in Rome, Letters to Juliet and Karate Kid. It seemed like a marathon of sorts. Sunday, we attended Shay's priesthood ordination. He became a Deacon. Came home to attend church and then later we (the adults) visited Christina together. She is doing well, still not sure what to expect. We will have to wait until court to find out her destiny. I took my mom to experience Zumba while she was in town. She''s always hearing me mention it and now she knows what it is. We went out to Costa Vida for lunch. After a great workout, you need nourishment. Mexican food is perfect. We sped up to the weekend. Friday was my datenight and we spent it with my folks, Chris and Janette and her husband. We ate at the Golden Corral again, we spent all night there talking. It's their favorite restaurant. Saturday night we got together at my house to watch movies. It took us forever to find the right movies. We ended up watching Mission Impossible 3 and Rush Hour 3 (a mistake for sure). Sunday, while my folks spent time at Chris' watching Shay pass the sacrament for the first time, we had our own family fun. Sunday, we attended Jacob and Becky's baby blessing of Adam. We had all of us there except for Dan, Aprihl and Rebecca. Maybe we will get to see them on Thanksgiving. We missed seeing them. After, we had all of them come over our house for a luncheon. Lots of visiting. It's always great fun. When they all left, my folks showed up, just as we got the house in order. We played games Like Minds and Quiddler and then watched the video my mom made of us when we were at Chris' singing last Monday. So far it's been a lot of visiting with family, which is what I like to do best. We don't do enough of it now that we are so busy in our own family routines, but when we do, we always say we need to do it more. Family is what counts and it is important to keep close to your family. I want my family to know that I love them. I hope we can visit more, it will be lots of fun. 

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