Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

I like to set goals twice a year, one of those being the beginning of a new year. I think making goals for yourself helps give you something to look forward to. It always gets me excited and motivated.

My New Year's Goals are:

Read the Four Gospels --I made me reading charts for each to help me stay on track if I should lose my place. In Gospel Doctrine Class we are studying the Doctrine and Covenants, I finished reading the Book of Mormon recently so it's time to start again, I like the idea of starting with the Old Testament the beginning of days and working my way to today. I am actually reading a couple of chapters from each of the four gospels every day.

Finish Preach My Gospel manual- I'm only on Chapter 2, but, I really wanted to read this awesome book that is published mostly to help missionaries but, there are lots of treasures in there for everyone.

Attend temple once a week-  I love to be in the temple, it gives me the feeling of being home. And I could use a good distraction and strengthening for the challenges that are mine. This also gives me the opportunity to do family names. I guess that means I need to do more Family History Adventures.

Create "I'm A Mormon" account- Our Bishop has asked us as individuals to do this, I think our Bishop is awesome.

Read "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Ring Series"- Now that I've seen the movies, I think this will help me know who, where and what I'm reading about. Hopefully, we shall see.

Build Family Relationships - This shall be accomplished in a number of ways.
  1. One on One interviews with the kids about goals and life. 
  2. Every two weeks invite a child to go on a date with me and Ron.
  3. Once a month, date night with sibling and their spouse.
  4. Once a month, game night with a sibling and their family.
  5. Once a month, invite a sibling and their family for Family Home Evening.
  6. Once a month, invite a sibling and spouse to attend temple with me and Ron.
I'm hoping this will bring us closer and will build lasting relationships. Their is no room for doubt, family need to know we love and care about them. This will help us keep up with them and their lives. Each family member is important.

Fortify My Home and Family- This is really important to me. I know it is my responsibility to nurture and love my children. It's also my responsibility to teach my children what's right and wrong by teaching them by example. Being more careful on the music and movies we participate in and following rules. Providing my family opportunities to serve and to love one another and their neighbors. Giving them a foundation to build their own testimonies, preparing them to live on their own when time comes. For some it's now, for a few it's this year. With two of my boys going on a church mission it's more critical to make sure they are ready. Of course they will have plenty of time of growing up and learning to do it on their own out there. Also important, creating an environment where the word of God and the Prophets are taught and practiced. This is when my extended family and ward family will be of most help, being there, being an example and a teacher will be important when children learn best from others than their parents. And lets add a lot of prayer to help me do this task. I can only hope this will be a success.

This should get me started on the new year. I'm looking forward to each one. Happy New Year!


  1. You inspire me Kim!!!! Jen Williams

  2. I love these goals, they are so important! Thanks for sharing!


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