Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome Back Fall!

What a great summer, full of fun and adventures for the whole family. Glad there is a season for everything including getting back to regular routines, working, thinking, school and did I say school. Let's face it, our kids are great and summer is fun and loose...usually, free to sleep in, although,didn't do a lot of that. But, there is a time when we just need our own space for a moment in the day. Glad to have that back. It's been fun having Cameron home to help me with some of my chores. I've been working myself getting things back in order and the way I like it. Deep cleaning bathrooms and under appliances and also trying to get in shape. Back to regular exercising, this will work out nice since I got me a tread mill and a exercise bike for my birthday to help with that. I love to listen to General Conference talks while I exercise. Looking to get some projects done around the house. All I can say is welcome back fall, the time to get things in order, time to cool down. Yeah for school.

1 comment:

  1. Logan loves school so I guess I should say I love it, but while it feels our days I would rather have him home.


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