Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can't Win Them All

I've had one of those weeks. Not only did my favorite basketball team-BYU not win their last game...I was so bummed especially after hearing the bad news about Brandon Davies. But also, my two sons who tried out for the Davis Soccer team found out last night they didn't make it. Brandon was close, he made the first cut but not the second. We got up early Mon. & Wed. mornings just for the conditioning for the try-outs. Glad that's over, maybe it was still a good thing to do. My two girls didn't win big at the Cheer Nationals even though I thought they should have been placed different than they were. Oh well. We can't win them all. It's been that kind of week. We can't always have winning relationships all the time either.  But, what are we to learn from all this besides not winning all the time?  Well, we need to keep trying, don't give up. Always work to improve yourself. Stay positive and work at it. Eventually, something will happen for your good.

The girls may not have won big, but we had fun at Disneyland/California Adventure Park with the four youngest kids. The boys may not be on the soccer team but they can try out for tennis. They have a better chance playing together. That will be awesome. Relationships improve, people forget about being selfish and think of others. As for BYU, their future still looks bright, I still have faith in them and I know they will pull it together even with Davies gone. Maybe we can play some of our rivals again and this time win. I'm looking forward to seeing the team again in action. Maybe we can't win them all but that's okay, we will still have fun watching them. Go Cougars!

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